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‘The Murder Of Marilyn Monroe’ (WORLD PREMIERE) – WATCH IT NOW!

The Murder Of Marilyn Monroe is a 2017 political-thriller documentary film starring Haider Rifaat as Hayden Misha, a private investigator who unwillingly decides to pursue one of the most controversial cases of the 20th century.

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‘Paranormal Activities: Exorcism’ (Series Finale) – WATCH NOW!

Watch the series finale of the horror web series ‘Paranormal Activities: Exorcism‘ starring Haider Rifaat.

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Haider Rifaat To Star In The Political-Thriller Documentary Film ‘The Murder Of Marilyn Monroe’

The 19-year old actor Haider Rifaat who currently stars in the horror web series titled ‘Paranormal Activities: Exorcism‘ is set to star in the upcoming political-thriller documentary film ‘The Murder Of Marilyn Monroe.’ The film is based on Marilyn Monroe’s controversial suicide case.

Haider is set to play Hayden Misha, a private investigator who runs his own cold case firm. He will also serve as the director, producer and writer for the film. The shooting will begin in mid November, 2014 and the film will be released on YouTube and Vimeo in March, 2015.

‘Paranormal Activities: Exorcism’ (Series Premiere) – WATCH NOW!

Watch the series premiere of the new horror web show ‘Paranormal Activities: Exorcism‘ starring Haider Rifaat.

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Paranormal Activities - Exorcism (Season One Cover)

‘Paranormal Activities: Exorcism’ (Season One Cover) – FIRST LOOK!


‘Dangerously Deceptive’ (Season Finale) – WATCH NOW!

Watch the exclusive ‘Season Finale’ of the thrilling new web show, ‘Dangerously Deceptive’ starring Haider Rifaat as twins.

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