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Sarah Michelle Gellar To Guest Star In Comedy ‘Those Who Can’t’ | By Haider Rifaat

Gear up SMG fans! The 38-year old actress who starred in The Crazy Ones (2012) and Ringer (2011), both shows that were axed by different TV networks is taking the high road with a guest starring role in the new comedy Those Who Can’t. Being a huge fan of the former ‘Buffy’ star, the actress will grace our screens once again with a comedic role.
As quoted and pictured in SMGFrance.Net, a fan website dedicated to Gellar, the actress was seen behind the scenes shooting for an episode for the new comedy series. SMG will reportedly star in the second episode of the show’s first season.

During her one year hiatus, Gellar devoted her time to several charities and awareness programs including No Child Hungry but after a long wait, the actress is back on track. But the real question is, when will SMG return to television in a show that completely centers on her? Well, we’d just have to wait and watch!


Why Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ‘Ringer’ Deserves All The Praise! | By Haider Rifaat

I am not quite the TV geek as there are only few television shows that I follow. The kinds that I tend to keep an eye on are those with wicked, devious themes and those that are full of secrets.

Nowadays, it’s all about shows such as The Big Bang Theory or the Game of Thrones. But in all honesty, such shows have never enticed me as a viewer. They are quite overrated, if you ask me. The unfortunate thing, however, is that a show, such as Ringer, was not appreciated or given any credit despite the fact that it had a riveting storyline and great cast to go with it.

I have always adored Sarah Michelle Gellar ever since I was seven years old. She is an inspiration to me when it comes to acting. When I heard about her initial return to television with Ringer, I was literally on cloud nine! What’s better than a good television show that has your personal favorite actress in the lead?

MV5BMTgxMzI1ODYzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjM0NTM0MjE@._V1__SX1460_SY682_I saw Ringer back in 2011, when it originally aired on The CW. The show borrows some elements from the neo-noir film genre. It centers on the lives of two twin sisters, Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin (both portrayed by Gellar respectively). Gellar has done a fantastic job playing both the roles with equal power and vigor.

Bridget is a recovering drug addict and a stripper. After she sees her boss commit a crime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) put her under witness protection so that she can testify against him. But as soon as Bridget learns that her boss, and his gang, have murdered such witnesses before, she decides to flee. And in her desperation, she goes to her estranged twin sister, Siobhan, for help.

Siobhan, on the other hand, is an affluent young woman, residing in New York City with her husband Andrew Martin (played by Ioan Gruffudd). It is shown that Bridget and Siobhan have a seemingly contentious relationship with each other. They have shared a rough past, which is not disclosed in the first-half of the initial season but, gradually, the audience get to learn more about the twins and their relationship.


After Siobhan’s mysterious death, Bridget assumes her identity, thinking she could escape her old life and start all over again. But little does she know that Siobhan’s life is as complex as hers. Bridget later learns that her sister had an affair with her best friend’s husband, Henry Butler (played by Kristoffer Polaha).

But wait till you hear this, Siobhan is not really dead. She is conspiring against her own sister. Why, you wonder? Well, I won’t spill all the details. You’ll have to watch the show to find out!

If you decide to watch Ringer, don’t judge the show on the basis of its pilot episode as it was not strong enough as compared to the rest of the episodes. The show only gets juicer and more intriguing as the story progresses.


But sadly, the show was cancelled by The CW in 2012. If you are assuming that ratings played a pivotal role in the cancellation process, you might want to think again. There was a poll launched in early 2012 that had listed Ringer, The Secret Circle and Gossip Girl as shows that fans would like fresh seasons for. Although, Gossip Girl had lower ratings than Ringer, the fans picked Gossip Girl as their primary choice and it was renewed for a sixth season. Ringer, on the other hand, was cancelled.

I personally believe this was a rather unfair decision made by The CW network. Maybe it should have been marketed to other networks, such as NBC or ABC family. Ringer provided a completely different storyline to the television landscape. It was a show that offered something new to the audience every week; it was riveting, fun and full of suspense. In addition, Gellar’s acting was stellar. I still believe it should be given a second season. Ringer was a whole package overall.


What makes Ringer standout from shows such as Gossip Girl or The Lying Game, is pure creativity and innovation with which it has been structured. The creators of the show, Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo, did a remarkable job with the plot and storylines. This very factor lacks in many TV shows that are currently on air. Most television shows of today have tedious plots, repetitive themes and predictable drama. Not only does Ringer have just the right amount of drama and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat, it also has a glamour and fashion element merged brilliantly with the theme of the show.

Moreover, Ringer managed to bring in a ‘twin connection’ on television and that was primarily why it did so well on television. This very factor lacks in a show such as Orphan Black, which also has a twin sister plot. But that show does not have the stimulation that Ringer had. Additionally, the creators of Orphan Black had borrowed a few elements from Ringer during the first season, reflecting on just how strong Ringer’s storyline was.

The best thing about Ringer is that it’s unpredictable and full of twists and turns. Every episode ended with a shocking climax scene that even Gossip Girl and/or Orphan Black couldn’t possibly engender.


I put all my bets on this show! It’s worthy of every accolade known to mankind. The acting was brilliant. Every character had their own uniqueness and strong screen presence. Additionally, I loved the way the director(s) of the show had choreographed New York City in such a lavish, yet mysterious fashion.

Orphan Black, on the other hand, is a satisfactory television show with more of a sci-fi edge to it. While Ringer was about two twin sisters, Orphan Black is all about cloning (which is quite sad for a television show).


I saw a few raving reviews about this show. Here is what some fans had to say about Ringer:

“It’s smart, clever, fashionable and out of this world! Love it!” said Martha Eve, a blogger from California.

“Ringer is sassy and a fun ride for everyone!” quoted Will Arthur, a website host.

“My latest obsession! Gellar is so talented. I wonder why she’s so underrated as an actress” said Timothy Harris, a writer for various newspapers.

There you go! I hope such reviews coax you into watching this amazing television series. Ringer will always remain one of my personal favorites and I hope you give it a chance. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

The Unexpected Arrival | Haider Rifaat

The ‘Prinze’ family has added a new member to their brood. The ‘Ringer’ star, Sarah Michelle Gellar who has been married to Freddie Prinze Jr. since 2002 had given birth to a baby boy the past week. The actress is known for her role as Buffy Summers in the hit TV show, ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ and the films, ‘The Grudge’ and ‘Cruel Intentions.’ The baby was born in September, 2012. However, the name of him has not been revealed as of yet.

The couple already has a three-year old daughter, Charlotte Grace Prinze who was also born in September, 2009. The couple is elated and thrilled to have a new addition to their family. Publicist, Leslie Sloane stated that the baby was born in Los Angeles. Gellar and Prinze have been married for 10 years now. They starred in two blockbuster hits, the famous horror film, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ and the ‘Scooby-Doo’ movies.

Last fall, Gellar starred in the hit CW thriller-drama, ‘Ringer’ which aired every Tuesday nights at 9PM on the CW network. Due to meager ratings, the show was eventually cancelled by CW. Prinze also had the main role in the finale season of ’24′ opposite to Kiefer Sutherland. Information on Gellar’s pregnancy was released five months back. What will the baby’s name be? Who will he resemble the most? More scoops are yet to come. Furthermore, the fans of Sarah Michelle Gellar want her back on television. Now that Gellar is the mother of two, will she continue her career with something new this year or are there any different plans. Time will surely tell us, soon.

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Television Comeback with ‘Ringer’ | Haider Rifaat

All SMG (Sarah Michelle Gellar) fans would be excited for her comeback to the TV Series “Ringer”, picked up by CW Network who have several hit shows such as “One Tree Hill”, “The Vampire Diaries” and “Gossip Girl” to their credentials. ‘Ringer’ is a modern day drama and thriller series which focuses on two twin sisters “Bridget and Siobhan” (both played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) who have a bounty on themselves. Bridget and Siobhan had suffered a traumatic tragedy in their past years. Bridget, who finds a way to escape her woes settles in her sisters life and despite growing apart from one another, she finds out that her sister, Siobhan is facing a hit out on her as well. Bridget, eventually falls under the suspicion of Siobhan’s husband (played by Ioan Gruffudd) and many other characters in the show as well. The main idea of this modern day thriller is not to trust anyone.

After being an overachiever in the hit TV series “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, this is the second series where Gellar is set to star in. The details of “Ringer”  were released in early January, 2011. A mini-fan trailer was also released on YouTube  regarding the show which managed to garner more than twenty thousand views in just six months! The show is set to release in the coming fall of 2011 and Sarah is ready for a comeback. In the previous years, Sarah was set to star in the TV series “The Wonderful Malady’s” which HBO did not pick up. The cast details have been released and the executive producers are; Sarah Michelle Gellar (herself), Peter Traugott and Pam Veasey. It has been officially created by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder. Recently, it was announced that the production and the filming of the show began on the 11th of March,  in New York City. New couples coupled with a new concept and Sarah is set to play a double role. It acts as a definite treat for all the fans of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Ioan Gruffudd, Kristoffer Polaha and Nestor Carbonell are also the main characters in “Ringer.” Most recently, it was announced that ‘Ringer” would debut on The CW Network this fall on September 13th.