Hi everyone! I’m Haider Rifaat. First of all, welcome to my official website where you can catch my latest articles and news updates on upcoming projects. Writing has always been my passion since I can remember. One should keep nourishing this skill every day. I believe that writing is the only way through which I can express my ideas and build a connection with the readers.

My write-ups can be related to any groundbreaking social or political issue. Furthermore, fashion, nature and entertainment are other categories of writing I deal with. So, stick around for more!

101I am also an actor and video maker on YouTube and Vimeo since 2010. I had directed, produced and written my own thriller web series, Dangerously Deceptive’ that ran on Vimeo from 2013 until 2014. I played twins on the show. The same year, I starred as the protagonist in the horror web series ‘Paranormal Activities: Exorcism.’

All episodes of these web shows can be found on Vimeo and YouTube. In 2015, I starred in my own political-thriller documentary film ‘The Murder Of Marilyn Monroe.’  I am also into modeling and photography.

I hope you all like my website and enjoy reading the writings I share on here.

Thank you for stopping by.

Haider Rifaat (HR)


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