‘Devious Maids’ Season 3 – Who Killed Blanca? | By Haider Rifaat

The devious maids returned to television earlier this month for a sizzling season three premiere and since the last three episodes, quite a few secrets have surfaced. The crew recruited the 28-year old actor and singer Naya Rivera to play Blanca Alvarez, a new maid who makes her way into Beverly Hills to work for the Stappord’s. But, apparently the family is keeping something from her. Both, Taylor and Michael Stappord had adopted a mysterious young girl who is not who she seems to be.

Blanca (played by Rivera) found out a twisted secret about the family when she was first hired as a maid. She tried to make friendly ties with the Stappord’s newly adopted daughter but clearly, she seemed unstable. After witnessing a horrifying ordeal in the Stappord’s house, Blanca was hell bent on finding out what really happened the night she was away. In this week’s episode of ‘Devious Maids’, Blanca confronted the young girl herself and showed her the trashed drawings. She managed to get some answers out of her and deemed Taylor’s attempted burglary story as an excuse to evade the murder of her husband, Michael.

Devious_Maids_TVGMWhen Blanca accused Taylor’s daughter for killing Michael, he surprisingly popped up out of the blue. Furthermore, Blanca tried to disclose some information to Michael while he was away but Taylor intervened and insisted her to fetch some meds for her from the pharmacy. She later called someone up and murmured, ‘It’s me, I’ve got a problem.’ The same night, after having attended Zoila and Xavier’s wedding fiasco, Blanca headed back to the Stappord’s house and was brutally attacked by a mysterious killer.

Who could it have been? Was it Michael Stappord, or someone we may not know for sure? But surely, the Stappord’s are hiding something big from almost everyone, even the local police. Is their daughter a killer or witness to a crime? Let’s hope we find out soon!


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