It’s Summers And You Need A Do Over! | Haider Rifaat

When summers hit rock bottom, you know it’s time to alter your wardrobe. ‘Fashion’ is not just limited to designing outfits. Who says you cannot look trendy in casual clothes? It is all about carrying yourself. If you are wondering what to wear on a hot sunny day, then I have the right tips for making your summer casual, yet fashionable.

  •  Select the clothes that make you feel ‘more at home’ – It’s all about creativity. Wearing baggy jeans and a loose shirt is not what you call fashionable. This goes to all the men out there! If you are trying to battle out the scorching heat, then your best bet would be wearing baggy shorts along with a single-colored t-shirt, H&M sunglasses and sporty sandals. Sounds ideal? Hell yes! Remember, comfort and fashion are the key words. No matter how comfortable your clothes are, they should look fashionable.


  • Short hair is ideal! – Sorry if this bullet point offended some long haired guys. Maintaining hair in summers is a challenge especially if you have long hair. Short hair is ideal for summers. Trust me, you don’t want to look like ‘Hagrid’ from Hogwarts!
  • Yes, Sun screen is fashionable – For those of you who ignore sun screen have no idea how glamorous it looks on your skin, especially in summers! Sun screen helps prevent your skin from burning. But how is it fashionable? I have an answer to that question! Not only does sun screen keep your skin protected, it also helps maintain a uniform layer of glow on your skin throughout the day.

If you want to look like a winner, you have got to change your looks according to the seasons. Summers are all about being hip and fashionable but in the most comfortable way possible. If you put these three factors into practice, I am sure that you would set up a trend on your own. Lead by example, always!


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