CBS Cancels ‘The Crazy Ones’ | Haider Rifaat

It’s official! David E. Kelley’s comedy series ‘The Crazy Ones’ has been canceled by the CBS network. After the series failed to gather enough viewers during its two-episode season finale, the fans were well aware of the fact that the show would most likely get axed. Sadly, this is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s second show to get canceled by a television network since ‘Ringer’ that ran on The CW for only one season.

The finale rating of the show was somewhere in between five million viewers. Unfortunately, the series was unable to attract enough viewers after the pilot episode. There are a few reasons as to why the show was eventually going to get axed by CBS. First of all, Robin Williams did not do his character justice in the series. Both, Williams and Garrett are not good actors in my opinion. In addition, the show lacked the charm that most viewers often look up to in a television series.

I would probably blame the scriptwriters for the show’s cancellation as most of the dialogues in almost every episode of the series were poorly written. Regrettably, ‘The Crazy Ones’ failed to deliver something new to the audience every week. Personally speaking, I wanted this specific show to get axed by CBS beforehand as it was simply not meant for the network. Nevertheless, I am really hoping to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in a film someday as television shows are not working for her. Maybe a good script would work wonders for Gellar’s future in television. Let’s keep those fingers crossed!



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