Ashley Tisdale To Guest Star In ‘The Crazy Ones’ | Haider Rifaat

 The ‘High School Musical’ star, Ashley Tisdale is set to guest star in an episode of the hit CBS comedy sitcom, ‘The Crazy Ones’ which stars the Academy Award Winner, Robin Williams and the Golden Globe Award nominee, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The show focuses on the world of advertising and the occasional craziness people have to deal with. Williams plays Simon Roberts, who owns the agency ‘Roberts & Roberts’ and Gellar plays his daughter, Sydney Roberts who is the creative director of the firm.

After having Kelly Clarkson guest star in the pilot episode which garnered her critical acclaim, Ashley Tisdale will portray a completely different character than that of Clarkson. Reportedly, the 28-year old singer and actress will portray the role of Kelsi, an intern at ‘Roberts & Roberts’, but she isn’t just a normal intern at some firm. Kelsi is the daughter of one of the agency’s biggest clients.

‘The Crazy Ones’ airs every Thursdays at 9PM on CBS!



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