What’s In Those ‘Chicken Nuggets’? | Haider Rifaat

Who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? It’s everyone’s favorite snack! But what makes up these delectable chicken-coated hors d’oeuvres? Most recently, Mississippi researchers examined two chicken nuggets and found out that they consisted of fifty percent or less chicken. Nuggets are often high in calories and mostly contain fat. However, the composition of such appetizers may vary from country to country depending on the food quality.


Furthermore, the researchers dissected the two nuggets, stained each one and inspected them under the microscope. One of the nuggets contained more fat than chicken, nerves and blood vessels. Shockingly, the other nugget, when scrutinized under the microscope, contained small pieces of bones and cartilage. Dr. Richard deShazo of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson said that some companies use artificial mixture of chicken parts rather than low-fat chicken white meat. They coat the nuggets in a batter, fry them and the company’s salesmen claim them to be pure chicken when it’s not. He further added that chicken nuggets are high in calories, salt and especially fat. It is definitely an unhealthy choice for any individual.

The consumers who buy packaged nuggets cannot be fooled as nutritional values can be found on the backside of the product. Various companies use different methods of producing nuggets. Some companies are notorious for using the remainders of chicken. However Dr. deShazo claims that eating them once in a while will not do any harm as nuggets are children’s favorite, but making it a daily habit can lead to health problems and in severe cases, even obesity.


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