Sarah Michelle Gellar Officially Joins Twitter! | Haider Rifaat

It’s official! The former vampire slayer now has a twitter account! Most recently, ‘The Crazy Ones’ star Sarah Michelle Gellar joined the world of twittering. The 36-year old actress known best as Buffy Summers in the hit television show ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ tweeted, “Why is sending this first tweet scarier than going on the @LateShow?”


The official twitter account of Sarah Michelle Gellar is #RealSMG. After a few hours of joining twitter, the actress has gained over twenty one thousand followers and counting. Gellar is currently following six people including her co-stars Robin Williams and James Wolk.

The actress currently stars in the new CBS sitcom The Crazy Ones’ which debuted as the season’s number one new show surpassing 15.2 million viewers. Gellar plays Williams’s daughter, Sydney Roberts who works as a creative director for the agency ‘Roberts and Roberts.’ The fans of Sarah Michelle Gellar are thrilled to have her on twitter. Many celebrities on the networking site welcomed the actress with hospitability. Catch Gellar’s new show ‘The Crazy Ones’ every Thursdays at 9PM on CBS.


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