Bill Clinton Raves Chelsea Clinton For President | Haider Rifaat

Fathers are fathers after all! Most recently, the former U.S. president, Bill Clinton who served in the office for eight years boasted about ‘someone special’ for running the presidency. It was none other than his own daughter, Chelsea Clinton. He sees potential in his 33-year old daughter who is the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The controversial CNN talk show host Piers Morgan raised a question as to who would prove a better president, Hillary or Chelsea? The former U.S. president, Bill Clinton replied by saying that his wife would be fine but Chelsea would be better off as a president in the long run as she knows more than them.


In addition, Bill Clinton also said that he gets to learn something new everyday from his daughter. Clinton added that he feels as if he is going to school everyday. Hopefully, Hillary Clinton might be running for elections in 2016 but the real question is, will the Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea follow the footsteps of her parent’s? Chelsea herself is uncertain whether she would pursue the field of politics.

However, she has taken over a vital role in the ‘Clinton Global Initiative.’ A meeting pertaining to the organization’s objective is yet to be held in New York this week. When asked about her political endeavors, the special correspondent for NBC, Chelsea Clinton replied by saying that she is grateful to be living in a country where she believes in the government and the leaders. She also added that if her country was being misgoverned or being led in a different direction where less progress was taking place, especially in the public sector, she would have to ask and answer the question herself. Numerous opportunities await for this young woman. Let’s hope she runs for elections someday soon!


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