Northampton Clown Trembles British Town | Haider Rifaat

As the days are passing by rapidly, the month of Halloween is nearing. Most recently, news channels and some renowned websites had highlighted the presence of a mysterious clown face injecting fear in the hearts of many people, in a small community in Northampton, U.K. The Huffington Post caught sight of some photos which had shown the anonymous man in a clown suit, holding balloons and smiling throughout days and nights.

Natives of the town had witnessed the recurrence of the mysterious jester earlier this month. The clown has been, reportedly seen all over town carrying balloons, and at times, a small teddy bear. The clown’s appearance has thrilled many dwellers of the community. He has an eerie white face with stretched eyebrows, a red nose with a devious smile on his face.


The news had an enormous impact on the internet and went viral within days. The photos of him, posing in front of the camera, were leaked on the internet by prominent websites which unsettled many viewers.

The mysterious clown’s motives are not known as yet. There are no traces of his whereabouts and his identity remains unknown. However, constant surveillance is keeping track of his circuitous moves. The only concern is whether this is a Halloween prank or a living hell for the Northampton community. The central questions are, how long will this mysterious act last for? Will it create controversies or not? The answers to such questions however, remain obscure for the time being.


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