Going Crazy With ‘The Crazy Ones’ | Haider Rifaat

The wait is finally over for all the fans of Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The upcoming comedy show “The Crazy Ones” which had us all hanging for months will debut on the CBS network next week on Thursday at 9PM on the CBS network. The series marks the comeback of Robin Williams to television after starring in “Mork & Mindy” which ended its run on television in 1982.  Sarah Michelle Gellar who is best known as the kick-ass vampire slayer, Buffy Summers in the successful television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, will also return to the project alongside Williams after her thrilling show “Ringer” got axed by the CW network in mid 2012.

1209142_578727058853410_393119296_n“The Crazy Ones” has been created by David E. Kelley who has several hit shows to his credentials with a few of them being “Boston Legal” and “The Practice.” The show has been set in Chicago and follows the life of Simon Roberts (Portrayed by Robin Williams) who owns an advertising agency “Roberts & Roberts.” Simon is notorious for his dismissive yet unpredictable behavior. On the other hand, his determined daughter Sydney Roberts (Portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a more mature and rational dealer in the advertising agency as compared to her father.

The show will debut on September 26th at 9PM on CBS. The running time of “The Crazy Ones” will be approximately, thirty minutes. Many critics believe that the show will prove a success for the CBS network. Let’s keep those fingers crossed!


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