Behind Your Smile… | Haider Rifaat

Starting off with a smile and ending the day with a tear.  Unfortunately, ‘Humans’ are enigmatic creatures.  Some individuals are so wholly self-absorbed in their routines that they often forget the meaning of ‘helplessness’. On the other hand, there are quite a few beings who work tirelessly to earn a living by performing on stage, and smile to please the selfish few. Such beings are ‘Clowns.’  In my words, the definition of this human is quite unusual; however, the meaning might not be socially acceptable to many. Clowns are often denigrated in today’s world as some consider them to be ‘ridiculous and insane.’

“With roaring lions and tapping feet, no one can feel his heartbeat,

Maneuvering back and forth for the loved ones at home, in the end, a regretful shriek is born,

A smile in front, and tears backstage, clapping noises tear his soul away.”

A clown might be displayed fashionably, but at the end of the day, he has to give up his clothes and step into the world of realism. He alone has to bear the tantrums of thousands of children and insults of half of their parents. Once his name is called upon, the clown steps into a fabricated circus. While performing, the clown forgets his present for a second and concentrates on the movements he makes. The thought of feeding his family or wanting to give his children better education makes him feel disgruntled as he performs on stage.


Will he ever be able to endure the deadly circumstances that may turn up in the future? Could he feed his family with insufficient funds? Such questions make his mind twirl and suck half of his energy, while he is performing.

“Hey clown! You did a good job! Here is a dollar.” The man puts the money in his hand and the clown, motionlessly, stares at the dollar note and thinks inside, “I have a ‘real’ name, but sadly, it is only known to me.”


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