Dangerously Deceptive: ‘Season Finale’ (Recap)

The ‘Season Finale’ of the thrilling web series, “Dangerously Deceptive” disclosed a deadly secret which had kept the audience hanging throughout the first four episodes of the first season.

In the season finale, it was revealed that Jaden Malone (portrayed by Haider Rifaat) was a former stripper and had been working at an infamous club for over three years. Prior to the secret being revealed, Ryan Malone (also portrayed by Haider Rifaat) had assigned his minion to have Jaden’s stripping scandal published in the newspaper.

But what caused the deadly confrontation between the twins? Before Ryan had leaked his brother’s secret to the media, Jaden had also done a similar thing. He had provided Ryan’s fraudulent case scheme file to his friend associated with the media.  After Ryan

In the last scene, Ryan attempts to kill Jaden by throwing a switchblade towards him, and eventually succeeds. However, the death of Jaden remains ambiguous at the end of the episode.


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