“Dangerously Deceptive” (Season Premiere) – WATCH NOW!

Watch the season premiere of the new thriller web series, ‘Dangerously Deceptive’ starring Haider Rifaat as twins. The series has been written, directed and produced by Haider Rifaat.

WATCH NOW On Vimeohttp://vimeo.com/69435974


The series stars Haider Rifaat in the lead. He plays twins, Jaden Malone, the protagonist and Ryan Malone, the antagonist. The plot focuses on the strained lives of the two brothers. Both of them share a rough past and seem to have a very contentious relationship with each other.

Things will begin to move in a wicked direction when shocking secrets will surface in this game of lies and deceptiveness.

Watch “Dangerously Deceptive” every Sundays at 9PM on Vimeo.


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