Ride Me Jaguar! | Haider Rifaat

Everyone has a personal urge or desire of possessing a luxurious car. Undoubtedly, Jaguar has outlasted most of the car companies. My personal favourite automobile will always be Jaguar! The fierce yet stunning look of it on the road can compel any individual to ride the gorgeous jaguar! The brand “Jaguar” derives from England and has become famous in today’s world. The company took this name from “Jaguar”, an animal which is mostly found in Southern United States. It mostly lives in hot climates and relies on fleshy animals. Luckily, this cat is my personal favourite as well! The symbol of Jaguar, the car is a fierce looking cat (Jaguar) which is shown jumping and hunting for its prey. My fascination for this car aggrandized when I first saw this beauty in the movie, Cruel Intentions. It was a “Jaguar Roadster” which was designed in the early 1980s!

Nowadays, Jaguar cars are being designed more modernly. Jaguar car, on a road looks absolutely stunning! The rims and interior designs resemble the physique and speed of the Jaguar (Animal). Both, Jaguar the car and animal are my personal favourites. The Jaguar comes from the cat family and is one of the fastest running animal on earth, first being Cheetah. The weight of a Jaguar is more than any feline group of species. There are many different colours of these animals. Most of them have a Cheetah looking skin coat but some of them are black and resemble “Black Panthers.” They are called “Melanistic Jaguars” which have a full black coat.

Their physiques are more stronger than Panthers and Cheetahs. The Jaguar has two strong canines which helps it bite and pierce strongly. The Jaguar is a carnivore which feeds only on meat. It mainly hunts large and fleshy animals. One of them being “Tapir.” Unfortunately, whichever animal I adore is always under threat. Jaguars are declining in number. One of the main reason as to why they are decreasing in number is on account of people hunting them for their own benefits. They assume that by hunting such endangered animals can earn them millions of dollars. My main motive is to aware people so that they can take action against the communities and people who hunt and torture Jaguars. We call ourselves Human Rights activists. Have we ever thought of nature and its significance?


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