Human Nature & Almighty’s Perfection | Haider Rifaat

Enigmatic and a paradigm of imperfection. Enduring pain day by day and struggling to become an idealist is not what you call perfectionism. Deviated from religion and living in the world of fantasies are the main stems of depression. Competing with Almighty’s infinite powers can drive any being berserk. The incompatible relationship between humans and God in terms of strength is something that needs to be perceived profoundly. The fickle nature of human beings and on the other hand, Almighty’s innumerable blessings granted to us. The difference is quite clear. God is supreme and unique in his own way. All of us are his beloved creations. Keeping a cleansed relationship between God and oneself is something to be proud of. His matchless attributes and distinctive forms of aiding his sinners is something that we should be grateful of.

As children grow older, they are nurtured by their parents who try their level best to groom them with friendly advices. On the other hand, friends tend to indoctrinate their minds by indulging them into activities which have no link with ethics or basic moral principles. Despite belonging from an illustrious and well mannered background, people are caught up in dilemmas. Those difficult situations in which one is unable to contemplate over what is wrong and right. As a result, inadvertent decisions are made. However, there are exceptions. Those who are devoted and committed to themselves aim higher till they reach their goals. Crediting God for what he has given us might take a whole lifetime but if we realize the importance of him around us soon enough, he might fulfill our aspirations wholeheartedly. Devotion, humbleness and faith. These virtues are adapted not developed.

We have come to this world for a reason. Overconfidence and extreme faith in oneself creates an attitude of negligence towards God. Unwillingness to adapt the basic principles that have taught us the meaning of life is becoming a so called norm in a few societies. God is paramount in everything. He deserves more praise than we actually give him. We are one of his precious assets. Valuing Almighty’s perfection and his ability to change things within seconds or less is something supreme and prevailing. Human’s are his special creations. Therefore, we can not win over him as he has given us capabilities which are nowhere near to his prodigious powers. Those eternal abilities which are almost impossible for any being to apprehend.


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