Discovering Yourself | Haider Rifaat

Veronika Decides To Die” is a best seller novel by Paulo Coelho. The story focuses on the life of a young woman, Veronika Deklava who appears to have everything in life. At the age of 28, she becomes a victim of severe depression. Veronika decides to abscond every aspect of life and tries to commit suicide by ingesting excessive amount of sleeping pills. When her suicide attempt fails, Veronika is found in “Villete” (A Mental Institution) where she finds out that she has a week left before she dies.

Veronika journeys Love, Pleasure, Pain and Happiness. She lives every moment of her life and falls in love with Eduard who suffers from Schizophrenia. Veronika’s actions have an effect on other patients as well, especially Zedka who also suffers from Clinical Depression. While adventuring all the aspects of life, Veronika discovers herself. As Veronika spends time with Eduard, she falls asleep. Eduard assumes that she is dead. As he shrieks, Veronika wakes up and Eduard hugs her tightly. Veronika starts off with a new life, leaving the past behind.

While she journeyed Love and Happiness, Veronika’s depression cured with time. Furthermore, she found a reason to live, a reason that changed her life completely.


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