In The World of Glamour | Haider Rifaat

Fashion, Money and Glamour. These words might be considered as inspirations to some ambitious teens who dream of becoming one of the high profile models or celebrities of today but in the world of glamour, nothing seems as it is. A woman who can do absolutely anything to become a renowned face in the society thinks that she is mature enough to deal with the devils out there. Many young girls have a sole dream of becoming a superstar no matter how less qualified they are. Almost every celebrity conceals his real identity. Unbeknownst to their dying fans, they encourage them to become one of them but deep down inside, they are living a deplorable life. They put on a gleeful face in front of the cameras or media meetings but in the end, they are the victims of severe depression.

Struggling to become a ‘perfectionist’ is a common facet in a celebrity. They keep this asset concealed. Women who spend millions of dollars to keep their skin protected from impurities strive hard to become beauty queens. Extortionate amount of make up and Vaseline makes them glowing actresses and models. It is quite surprising how a young ordinary girl can transform herself into someone who she never was before.

Coming from a conservative and conventional background, the head of modelling industry explains the procedure of maintaining and emphasizing on a diet plan which would keep that girl physically fit. Less food, more work. This theory often goes wrong when the same girl applies the formula on her body. Eventually, vomiting, stomach aches, growling and weakness occurs when a person ignores the sumptuous food which he used to devour in copious amounts before. As a result, the same girl suffers from anorexia and eating disorders. At first she might feel a bit clumsy but then again, it is a part of one’s daily routine. Sooner or later, she gets used to it. Tired of the same old monotonous life, they try venturing the world and as a result, they trip into a hole from which they can barely crawl out of. It starts from an audition and ends up in a hotel room. Unbelievable isn’t it? This is not even a percent of what we see today. Such things are tabooed in today’s society.


A young girl dreams of becoming a model or a renowned celebrity. She takes a look at the newspaper and finds an audition for a magazine shoot or for a TV series. She rushes to her closet, finds the best of the best clothes she has and wears them. A pair of Jimmy Choo heels, Gucci bag and a Donna Karan New York shirt. She takes her portfolio and heads to the destination before time. Despite her reaching early, she has to wait for hours and hours. The only word that echoes around her is “Next” and finally when her name is announced, she tries to carry herself with perfection thinking that she is an actual model but what happens in the end? She is rejected. The first rule of an audition is to be yourself. Imitating a celebrity or model always kills ones personality. People often consider themselves to be superior than the judges who are auditioning millions of people. It gets them nowhere. This is the story of just one girl. Over millions of them today, in fact, right now might be getting ready to go for the same auditions. Even if they get rejected, they never stop adventuring the world of fashion and glamour. They pursue their career in modelling or in acting no matter how far they have to go. Everyday there is a new story about a celebrity and when asked, they try dispelling the so called rumours and change the topic when they get a chance.

On television, we often see the same celebrities giving away friendly advice to the teens. This effects millions of peoples lives. They consider them as true heroes and that is when the interest in the world of glamour mounts in them. Furthermore, it infects and tarnishes their mindset. On a lavish party, a woman in her twenties pretends to be listening to the conversation she is having with another person but her main motive is meeting new producers and making new contacts. Wearing an Armani outfit with the best wine in her glass, she tries her best to infect the big names and as a result, she succeeds. Then a new film is signed. This spicy news hits the television screens where a big headline quotes “In Production.” When such celebrities succeed in their mission, they stand as independent winners and once the film gets an overwhelming response from the box office, money comes in and the standard of living of such celebrities increases. Four big cars. Limousines, more parties, a big house, clothes and what not! It might feel as if a dream has come true for them but in the end, it traps them into the strings of complexity.


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