Will ‘Devious Maids’ Be Renewed For A Third Season? | Haider Rifaat

The devious maids of Beverly Hills always come clean in the end, regardless of the deadly circumstances. Devious Maids concluded its second season on Sunday. This year’s season had a lot to offer to the audience.

The show stars Ana Ortiz, Roselyn Sanchez, Dania Ramirez, Edy Ganem and Judy Reyes as five maids working for some of Beverly Hills’ most elite families, but these five ladies are not just sweeping the floors or washing dishes for a living. Apparently, each and every character on the show has a wicked secret hidden under the debris.

The second season of Devious Maids was the winner in my opinion. The twisted plots and mysteries of the show were key elements that made this year’s season standout from rest of the series. Fans were able to see the dark sides of each and every character in the show. The sizzling season two finale of Devious Maids left me speechless and its ending was simply bewildering. But the real question is, will the show be renewed for a third season by Lifetime?


Clearly, the ratings played a pivotal role in this year’s season. The premiere episode managed to garner 1.96 million viewers. However, the show saw a decline in ratings throughout the remainder of the season with some episodes attracting between 1.5 – 1.7 million viewers on first airings. Despite the fluctuation in ratings, the show managed to keep up with the viewers.

The reason why I believe Lifetime should renew Devious Maids for a third season is because the show has a lot more to offer in the future. It looks promising in terms of the storylines. In addition, the series breaks a number of stereotypes about Latina women. Also, the show is a modern day soap opera that is a blend of mystery, drama and bits of comedy which is a rarity in today’s television landscape.

Devious Maids definitely has the X factor. The show has been cleverly planned out. I am sure that Devious Maids will get renewed for a third season. Let’s keep those fingers crossed!


‘Devious Maids’ Season 2 (Finale) – Nick Killed The Powell’s Son | Haider Rifaat

So, it was Sunday night and I was all geared up to watch the latest episode of ‘Devious Maids’, a modern day soap opera that is a blend of mystery, drama and bits of comedy. As the season two of the show is nearing its end, there are a lot of questions that have left millions of fans puzzled, including me.

The show stars Ana Ortiz, Roselyn Sanchez, Dania Ramirez, Edy Ganem and Judy Reyes as five maids working for some of Beverly Hills’s elitist families but these five ladies are not just sweeping the floors or washing dishes for a living. Apparently, each and every character on the show has a wicked secret hidden under the debris.


This week’s episode was intense. Season two of ‘Devious Maids’ took a whole new different turn in terms of the storyline. Marisol Suarez (Ortiz) had found the perfect life partner, Nick Deering. But after some shocking secrets started unfolding, Marisol was convinced hat her fiancé was keeping something from her. In yesterday’s episode, Marisol disguised herself as Opal and went on to search for some answers. After she found a cloth covered with blood and a letter in Opal’s safe deposit box, Marisol was left flabbergasted.

The letter said, “Tragedy in Beverly Hills.” As far as my opinion is concerned, Nick is the one who killed the Powell’s son. It might have been a hit and run. Opal must have accompanied Nick when the unfortunate accident took place. Dahlia, on the other hand, could not have kept this a secret anymore and was going to expose the whole truth. As a result, she was thrown off the bridge by Opal, her girlfriend. Although, it seems quite evident that Nick killed the Powell’s son, I bet that the season two finale of ‘Devious Maids’ would have a lot more to offer. I can’t hardly wait for next week’s season finale!

Sarah Michelle Gellar As Elsa In ‘Once Upon A Time’? | Haider Rifaat

Not so long ago, I caught sight of an article that had enlisted some actresses as potential choices for the television portrayal of Elsa, a character from the Oscar winning film Frozen. Lucky for all Sarah Michelle Gellar fans, the 37-year old actress is also one of the six actresses who has been recommended for portraying Elsa in Once Upon A Time season four. The other five actresses in the list include Claire Holt, Dianna Agron, Idina Menzel, Amanda Schull and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Sarah-Michelle-Gellar-as-Elsa-in-Once-Upon-A-Time-890x395This might shock some of you but ‘Once Upon A Time’ fans would love to see Gellar portray Elsa in season four of the series. What can I say? She is a great actress after all! The character, Elsa will be introduced this fall in the show and there is a heated debate among the fans as to who should play her character in season four of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ Being a huge fan of the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, I feel as if Sarah Michelle Gellar would do Elsa’s character justice. Undoubtedly, she is an amazing actress. All Sarah Michelle Gellar fans, including me want her back on television.

Furthermore, there is another factor that makes Gellar perfect for Elsa’s character. There is a rumor that Elsa might be showcased as a villain in season four of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ Now who knows how to play a villainous character better than Sarah Michelle Gellar herself? Her 1999 drama film, Cruel Intentions was an absolute masterpiece! Gellar played Kathryn Merteuil, the devious step sister of Sebastian Valmont. Gellar’s performance in the film garnered critical acclaim. Keeping this fact in mind, I believe that Sarah Michelle Gellar would be perfect for playing Elsa in ‘Once Upon A Time’ season four. Let’s hope this happens, soon!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Fans Want ‘Ringer’ Season Two! | Haider Rifaat

After Sarah Michelle Gellar’s second comeback television series The Crazy Ones was cancelled by CBS earlier this year, I believe that it is about time to bring Ringer back on television. The show deserves a second chance and without a doubt, was a a great series.

Sadly, the show was cancelled by The CW after one season. Ringer focused on the lives of two twin sisters, Bridget Kelley, a drug addict and stripper on the run from the mob, and Siobhan Martin, a wealthy and devious young woman living in New York City with her husband. After witnessing Siobhan’s disappearance, Bridget takes over the life of her sister and assumes her identity thinking she could escape her old life and start all over. But little does she know that Siobhan’s life is not as simple as it seems.

vlcsnap-2014-06-04-20h23m53s62There was not a single episode of Ringer that disappointed me as a fan. Every episode was unique in its own style. But why did The CW cancel the show? If you are assuming that ratings was the key player in the cancellation process, then you might want to rethink again. There was a poll launched earlier in 2012 that had listed Ringer and Gossip Girl as two television shows that the fans would want a fresh season for. Sadly, Gossip Girl fans won the poll and eventually, the show was renewed for a sixth season and Ringer was cancelled. I personally believe that this was an unfair decision made by The CW. Gossip Girl failed to attract enough viewers during its mid season five run on television.

Although Ringer maintained a decent viewership of over one million viewers throughout the entire season, Gossip Girl attracted merely 800,000 viewers per episode on original airings. Now who deserved a second chance back then? Ringer, of course!

Nevertheless, we will leave the past in the past. All Sarah Michelle Gellar fans want is a second season of Ringer. The series should be channeled to other network apart from The CW as no television show sticks with the network for more than one season.

For all the fans of Ringer and Sarah Michelle Gellar, tweet #BringRingerBack if you all want the show to get a second season. I am sure that our efforts would be acknowledged. Let’s do this!

Is it time to bring Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ‘Ringer’ back to television? | Haider Rifaat

Yesterday might have been the saddest day for Sarah Michelle Gellar fans as her second comeback television series The Crazy Ones was axed by CBS.

This was Gellar’s second television show to get cancelled by a network since Ringer, a show I dearly adored. Nevertheless, it would be an absolute treat if Ringer could get revived by a reputable television network, perhaps Showtime or USA Network? Being a huge fan of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, I strongly believe that Gellar should stick to her forte when it comes to television.

ringer-sarah-michelle-gellarHonestly speaking, I was not a big fan of her show The Crazy Ones. The series lacked a number of elements. In contrast, Ringer was a masterpiece! It was a series that never disappointed me as a fan. Gellar portrayed the role of twin sisters, Bridget Kelley, a recovering addict and Siobhan Martin, a happily married young woman. Sadly, the show was cancelled back in 2012. But to be honest, there are very few freshman shows that actually stick with The CW. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s portrayal of twins was praised by many critics and fans. The show subsequently won and was nominated for quite a few awards including a Teen Choice Award for Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Ringer garnered a huge fan following during its one-season run on television. After the show’s cancellation, a petition was launched that had accumulated over eighteen thousand signatures to revive the series, but sadly, no action was taken by any network. Furthermore, the series left many questions unanswered after the season finale had aired back in 2012.

Although Ringer continued to struggle with ratings, the fan base of the show grew stronger day after day. Furthermore, the sci-fi thriller series Orphan Black’s first season was inspired by Ringer. I would personally love to see the series back on television. I, for one, would be the first person to tune into the premiere episode of Ringer season two, if the show gets picked up by any television network.

CBS Cancels ‘The Crazy Ones’ | Haider Rifaat

It’s official! David E. Kelley’s comedy series ‘The Crazy Ones’ has been canceled by the CBS network. After the series failed to gather enough viewers during its two-episode season finale, the fans were well aware of the fact that the show would most likely get axed. Sadly, this is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s second show to get canceled by a television network since ‘Ringer’ that ran on The CW for only one season.

The finale rating of the show was somewhere in between five million viewers. Unfortunately, the series was unable to attract enough viewers after the pilot episode. There are a few reasons as to why the show was eventually going to get axed by CBS. First of all, Robin Williams did not do his character justice in the series. Both, Williams and Garrett are not good actors in my opinion. In addition, the show lacked the charm that most viewers often look up to in a television series.

I would probably blame the scriptwriters for the show’s cancellation as most of the dialogues in almost every episode of the series were poorly written. Regrettably, ‘The Crazy Ones’ failed to deliver something new to the audience every week. Personally speaking, I wanted this specific show to get axed by CBS beforehand as it was simply not meant for the network. Nevertheless, I am really hoping to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in a film someday as television shows are not working for her. Maybe a good script would work wonders for Gellar’s future in television. Let’s keep those fingers crossed!


Why I Want ‘The Crazy Ones’ To Get Axed! | Haider Rifaat

The new comedy television series, ‘The Crazy Ones’ which made its debut last fall is struggling yet again with meager ratings. After the premiere episode accumulated over 15.51 million viewers on CBS last year, the ratings gradually plunged down the drain after a few episodes had been aired. I personally found all episodes of ‘The Crazy Ones’ to be rather bland in collision with other comedy shows such as the newbie ‘Mom’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ I tried not giving up on the show but ‘The Crazy Ones’ is simply uninteresting.

I solely watched the show for Sarah Michelle Gellar since I am a huge fan of hers and have been following her for more than twelve years. Undoubtedly, Gellar’s acting is amazing on ‘The Crazy Ones’ but despite that, the show is unappealing in so many ways. Firstly, Robin Williams is not a good actor in my opinion. His on-screen presence is somewhat mundane. Whenever I come across William’s acting on ‘The Crazy Ones’, all I see is him trying too hard to recall his lines from the script. His expressionless face throughout the mid season of the show has disappointed me as a fan. On the other hand, the show mainly takes place in the advertising agency ‘Roberts & Roberts’ which makes it rather less stimulating.ImageThere were two or three episodes of ‘The Crazy Ones’ that I really enjoyed but the show stumbled badly after the fourteenth episode. Sadly, the show has not been able to please many fans. Maybe ‘The Crazy Ones’ would not have been that dull if the writers were cleverly selected for the show. Nevertheless, several guest appearances made by notable actors and musicians throughout the show have had a positive impact on the ratings. Unfortunately, the show lacks sugar, spice and everything nice!

Most recently, CBS cancelled several television shows from its lineup but has not yet declared whether ‘The Crazy Ones’ will get renewed or cancelled. CBS’s verdict for show will be announced in May, 2014. Even if ‘The Crazy Ones’ gets renewed for a second season, it will continue to struggle with ratings and eventually get axed by CBS sooner or later. We might as well just hope the show gets cancelled by the network this year.


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